Independent Medical Examinations in New York and more

  • Independent Medical Exams in New York – UMC provides evaluations to address issues relating to Workers’ Compensation, Liability and No-Fault claims. Evaluations are performed by our large panel of board-certified physicians covering all areas of medicine and are scheduled and tracked by our experienced, highly skilled customer service team.
  • 207 A and 207 C Exams – Board certified physicians provide an in depth, comprehensive medical evaluations to address injuries sustained in the line of duty.
  • Workers’ Compensation Variance/C.4 Authorization Exams – evaluations to address need for treatment, continuing treatment and medical procedures as a result of the NYS medical treatment guidelines enacted December 1, 2010.
  • Fitness for Duty Exams – provides evaluation by a board certified specialist or general practitioner which assesses the individual’s physical capability to return safely to work.
  • RTW Physicals – evaluation by a board-certified specialist or general practitioner to address ability to return to work in full or modified duty after released to work by the treating physician.
  • Reviews Services (Peer and Medical File reviews) – All reviews are performed by the appropriate specialist selected from an extensive panel of board certified physicians. Reviews can include an in-depth review of the medical file to address medical history, causation, validate diagnoses, discuss necessity of past and present treatment, impairment and consider degenerative conditions as well as future treatment. A credible, evidence-based narrative report is prepared specific to the nature of the claim. Physicians are available for testimony and depositions.
  • Radiologic Second Opinions / Film Reviews – board certified radiologists provide a comprehensive analysis and review of MRI, CT scan and plain films.
  • Pharmacy Reviews – in depth review of medical file by board certified specialist to ensure that prescription medication is causally related to the injury and medically necessary.